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Belmont, MA

We've moved! Visit us at 87 Leonard St., right down the road in Belmont.

Delivery & Pick-Up (Curbside or Back Door)


You must be at least 21 to purchase alcohol. Upon Delivery or Pick-Up, you will need to show your ID. We are currently working in a contactless fashion; please be prepared to show us your ID through a door or window at your home or through your car window, upon pick-up. 



Yes, we deliver! We'll travel up to 15 miles in any direction to bring you amazing beer, wine, cider, sake, snacks, educational materials, t-shirts, and glassware! The inventory on our webstore is live and pulls information from our point of sale system, so you don't need to wonder if it's in-stock. As a general rule, if you see it on our site, it's on Leonard Street and available to order!


Delivery is available seven days a week during our normal and current business hours. We run four convenient delivery time windows: 11am - 1pm, 1pm - 3pm, 3pm - 5pm and 5pm - 7pm. Delivery windows close 15 minutes before the specified block of time. If you are looking to place an order for delivery from 1pm - 3pm on any given day, your order must be in by 12:45pm or the window will close and you will need to choose the next available block of time. Occasionally, our driver (oftentimes Co-Founder Kate Baker) delays their departure a few moments, so if you've placed your order late, either add a note in the comments section of your order, call the store, or both, asking for the first available delivery time. We'll work hard to accommodate! You must be available to receive the delivery during your specified time slot. Our delivery software will notify you when our driver is on the way. We will send you a text when we arrive, place the package on your doorstep, and wait to make eye contact with you, from a safe distance. If we can not make contact and verify your age, we will not be able to leave your order. Orders unsuccessfully delivered will be available for you to pick up at the store within two hours.  


What's the fee for delivery? 

0 - 3 miles: FREE!

3.01 - 6 miles: $5

6.01 - 9 miles: $10

9.01 - 12 miles: $15

12.01 - 15 miles: $20


If you're beyond 15 miles from our storefront, simply select "shipping". We'll get your purchase to you via a licenced alcohol delivery service. 


Each day, our delivery time windows close at 4:45pm, so we can best service orders and delivery requests placed throughout the day. If you are placing an order and it's after this time, feel free to pick it up by 7pm or simply select a future date from the calendar, which will populate our delivery times. 



Yes, you are welcome to pick up your purchase in a curbside manner. Our preference is to have you use our back parking lot, pulling into the loading zone at our back door. Call us (617-932-1885), let us know the color and model or your vehicle, open the door you'd like it placed in and we'll walk it out and put it in your car. If you have not done business with us in the past, please be prepared to show us your ID through your closed car window, before we place your order in your car. 

If you find a sweet parking spot on Leonard Street, simply inform us of this when you call! We're happy to walk your order out either door. 



Yes, you are welcome in our store at any time, during normal business hours: 11am - 7pm daily! We must keep the number of people in our store to seven, at any given time. In compliance with the Town of Belmont and the CDC, we respectfully ask that you wear your facial covering while in our store. This mask, scarf, bandana, or other cloth is intended to help prevent the spread of viruses, most especially, as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for helping us keep your fellow customers and our staff safe.