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Belmont, MA

Blind Tastings


We've been tasting beer blind for many years, as we've studied and trained to better understand beer, beer styles and, in general, be better beer geeks in our industry. The more we've come to know about beer, the more we've realized the importance of the palates and opinions of our customers. We're interested in the thoughts and feedback of the people who love beer, every day. We know there is significance in having beer judges and educators evaluate beer, but we believe there is an added value in having a mix of people from both groups make up the panels at our blind tastings. 

We're getting started in mid-March and we hope, whether you're a casual beer fan or a deep geek, you'll consider joining us at a blind tasting soon. Follow this link to our events page to check out what blind tastings are coming up. These events are hosted and run by our partners and educational platform: The Society of Master Beercierge or simply, “Beercierge”, which is located a few doors down at 85 Leonard (enter through the back door). 



If you are a brewer, read on for details about how to submit your beer to one of our Blind Tastings. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your beer and brewery involved!  



  1. The beer must be brewed year round
  2. The beer must be sold in package to-go (it can also be packed for draft service)
  3. The beer you are submitting for a specific blind tasting must be considered to be in that style (either by your own labeling, definable by ingredients, or BJCP or the BA's style guidelines)
  4. You must submit at least 192 ounces of the beer you are entering (anything less will not be able to be considered or entered)
  5. You must email our coordinator at least two weeks before any tasting that you'd like to be included in:
  6. The title of your email should include "Blind Tasting" with the style tasting you're interested in. In example, "Blind Tasting: Sweet Stouts"
  7. If you are sending beer or dropping it off, please ensure we have received it one full week before the tasting you intend to be included in


In your email to the Blind Tasting Coordinator, please address these 10 things: 

  1. Brewery Name
  2. Beer Name
  3. Style 
  4. ABV, SRM and IBU
  5. Ingredients
  6. Your Name
  7. Your Position
  8. Location of Brewery
  9. History of this beer/how long it has been brewed
  10. Why you think it's the best


Please use the following address for entries: 

     The Society of Master Beercierge

     Attn: Blind Tasting Coordinator

     85 Leonard Street

     Belmont, MA 02478